Rebeca Montoya

Rebeca Montoya

I’m a Journalist. I have skills to create, design and execute strategic communications campaigns aimed at the digital world. Currently, communications have taken a leap thanks to the constant internet connection the user has. That detail is posed by increasingly specialized communications strategies and tactics to be used in the digital world. That’s what I do every day, get training, learn, apply and improve communication techniques used in the digital world.

Skills: viral PR campaigns. Social networks. Design and optimization of websites. SEO Management. Social media Strategies. Digital Marketing.

I created the business unit Venmedios 2.0. I attend the needs of our customers in the digital world, including social networks and viral campaigns of external communications. I plan, development, design and run social media campaigns. Among which of the following websites: / / / and

I’m a founder of Recíclate in Venezuela. It is a nonprofit organization, whose main objective is to promote ecology as a way of life. As president, I am dedicated to awareness campaigns and information on the topic. Generating activities that promote environmental stewardship. They can follow us @reciclateenvzla

I design, planning and evaluate advertising and promotional campaigns supporting the launch of products and services for different market segments.

I select, write and organize the content of webpages, blogs and social media campaigns.

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